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Bad Blogger

So the New Year's resolution of being a good little Blogger and keeping things up to date have failed miserably but here is a small apology. It's a collection of photos from my time here in San Francisco and I really think they represent the side of the City that I love. PS that stunning mesh and white lace dress the front is from Sheinside, a great little website for unusual clothes at great prices. Be warned though, delivery can take over a month so get your order in early! 



Thanksgiving in Cali

Jacket - H&M
Crop Top - River Island
Sunglasses - Cotton on
Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - Pennys/Primark
Sandals - Forever 21
Bag - River Island
Earrings - New Look
Lippie - Catrice Ultimate Colour 260 <3

Happy Thanksgiving and more importantly Happy Black Friday! I hope you've all been taken advantage of the epic discounts on Missguided, Asos, Topshop and all the other favourite stores. Americans take things very seriously over here on Black Friday, some stores have been opened all night last night and all today, crazy people! We took a walk down to the Marina in Berkeley since the sun is still shining (Hello its almost Christmas!!) so I threw on my favourite comfy ripped jeans, a little top and my trusty leather Jacket. The suitcases remain tightly packed almost 4 weeks in, hence why the leather jacket is permanently attached to me as we have been couch surfing and to unpack and repack the case might actually kill me (I may have over packed..). There is light at the end of the tunnel however as we move into our new house tomorrow so my wardrobe choices shall greatly improve from now on.  I also have my eye on a few bits from Zara, given there is 30% off today I just have to purchase and I will be blogging about them soon :) 


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Slumming it in Sausalito

Jacket  - H&M (golden oldie)
Dress - Missguided
Boots - River Island
Belt - Pennys/Primark
Lippie - Catrice (Ultimate Colour 260) *must-have!

So here it is, not Sausalito, my new cropped 'do! Amazing what a pair of scissors and a hangover can do to a girl from the West of Ireland in San Francisco. Still in tourist mode we had to tour the beautiful Golden Gate bridge and visit Sunny Sausalito, a quaint coastal town just over the bridge. We chilled out, took some photos and grabbed some tasty food. Fiona's funky 70's hat is from Cotton on (Aussie brand taking over the US). My outfit is literally a mash up of my wardrobe staples; Leather J, jersey midi, cropped top and my favourite booties. 

On another note i am totally in love with my Canon Powershot SX280 (thanks Dad), small enough to carry around in your handbag but powerful enough to get really good shots! For all you fellow photo-editing freaks, I use Fhotoroom from the Windows App Store on my laptop to edit my photos, I highly recommend it...

That's it for now folks,



Where have I been all my life?

I am a bad Blogger.... After months of abandonment I have decided to slowly re-enter the world of FindMeSomeTreasure, please forgive me! 

So here's where I am - San Francisco. For 1 Year. Yes.
It's coming up to the 3 week mark and I have to say, This City is amazing. From the sights to the Fashion its all happening. I have tons of photos to upload but I'm gonna start off with these ones  I took my first couple of days here. They include the Golden Gate Bridge, North Beach, Chinatown and Union Square. Also this is the last photo me me with long hair as I woke up one day with a notion to cut it shoulder length EEkkkkkk. PS my epic black Varsity Jacket is from Forever 21, great purchase!

Stay tuned